How We Roar

Our capabilities span many different areas and disciplines. This gives us the flexibility to take on projects that vary widely in scope. From concepting and scripting for live action and animation to handling logistically-complex productions, our experience across the board drives the work.

In the end, our number one asset is our problem-solving capabilities. We leverage everything at our disposal to find the best solutions to tell your story on time and on budget.


Creative Development

A good story can keep your audience engaged. A great story can transform their entire perspective. We take great pride in our process to discover and develop meaningful stories that best showcase your brand goals.

We begin with conversations to learn more about you and your business. These guide us throughout the process of research, writing, visual development and more. By the end, you’ll have a personalized story ready for show.

Concept + Story Development + Scripts + Copywriting



We are adept in all facets of production. From commercial sets with lots of moving parts to small, nimble crews filming on the fly, we’ve done it all. Our experience allows us to scale your production to fit your needs and still deliver great quality.

Each shoot starts long before we get to set. Beyond planning and logistics, having a deep understanding of the story you want to tell is key to creating meaningful imagery. Thorough planning during pre-production goes a long way to maximizing value in the end.

Broadcast Commercials + Branded Content + Promotional Videos + Sales Videos + Conference Videos + Corporate Videos + Music Videos + Documentaries + Feature Films


Design & Animation

Animation is a vast and powerful medium to tell your brand’s story. We start with a blank slate and explore the endless possibilities using visuals and movement. We then take those raw ideas and shape them into a final piece tailored around your message.

For us, design and animation go hand-in-hand. Our designers are versed in animation and our animators are designers in their own right. This synergy means a perfect blend of skillsets to merge your brand image into characters and graphics that come to life.

Animation + Character Development +Logos + Titles + Credits + Infographics + Illustration


Editorial & Post Production

Post production is where all the planning, writing, and filming finally comes together. From editorial to color grading and finishing, our comprehensive process is finely tuned to deliver high-quality work, on time and on budget.

Our entire post-production pipeline is flexible enough to adapt and scale to various needs. We draw on years of experience across multiple mediums — feature films, commercials, documentaries, event and corporate videos, and more — to develop solutions customized for you. This approach provides maximum value for your project.

Editing + Visual Effects + Color + Sound Design + Finishing


We’ve enjoyed working with TigerLily on a variety of projects that articulate who we are and the products and services we deliver to our clients. We find the team to be really positive and dedicated to delivering a quality product that meets both our budget and our timeline.
— Karen Sears, Senior Manager, Product Marketing — SS&C Advent