Andrew Fallon

Creative Director


Favorite Adventures

One time I was driving on a bridge, one of those low ones over a marsh and, out of nowhere, a giant egret flew right into my windshield. After being momentarily pressed against the glass, it flung off into the car behind me—which happened to be a cop. He pulled me over and wrote me a ticket. When I asked for what, he replied “for flipping him the bird.”

Books on my bedside table

A notebook. The Golden Bough (still trying to finish it). Art & Fear. Good to Great.

Things I can’t live without

My girlfriend. She keeps me balanced.

Favorite films

And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool. Check it out.

Why I love working at TigerLily

Why does one love anything? Something that fills a hole in your heart, soul, and mind, it’s worth keeping, holding tight, and working hard at. Love is purpose and purpose is key to a meaningful existence in our time here.